First Look: VH1’s New Show ‘Bye Felicia’ Aims to Empower Women (November 17, 2014) – Get ready to say goodbye to Felicia. “Bye Felicia” originated in the movie Friday, when a disinterested Ice Cube utters the line to a character. The expression has since since become Internet shorthand for passive-aggressively (or occasionally aggressive-aggresively) letting someone know you don’t actually care that they’re leaving.

But we all have a Felicia inside, and that’s where Deborah Hawkes, Missy Young and VH1 come in.

Atlanta, Georgia-based life coaches Young and Hawkes are joining with VH1 for Bye Felicia, a series that promises to help women in Los Angeles “turn their lives around … say hello to their better selves and goodbye to Felicia” via coaching that pairs empowerment with brutal honesty.

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